Solomon Safety begins serving the communities of Puerto Rico through Puerto Rico Fire, Rescue & Recovery under the leadership of  Chief Angel Crespo.

Chief Crespo states:

We are a group of remarkable and committed First Responders ready to provide a full, robust and professional solution to respond for Incidents with an All Hazards Approach. 

We also give support and professional consulting on Emergency Preparedness running the complete cycle of Emergency Management; Preparedness, Mitigation, Response and Recovery.

Puerto Rico Fire, Rescue & Recovery has systems and staff ready to execute and/or train local personnel to deliver the following services.
Incident Command 

Fire Suppression 

Hazmat Response 

Stand By Operations  

Urban Search and Rescue 

Confined Spaces Drills and Exercises

 Pre planning

These services are available to industries of all kinds including but not limited to:
large_13489-1 copy.png
Manufacturing Facilities 

Drug Companies 

Recycling Facilities 

Healthcare facilities 


National Guard 

Combustible Industry

The heart of Solomon Safety is to provide, fire apparatus, equipment, services, and training to meet the needs of communities.