A friend of Solomon Safety was in the town of Tchula, Mississippi back in September od 2019 and struck up a conversation with the mayor, General Vann.

During their exchange, the mayor spoke of his community’s need to have an adequate fire station to house its fleet and have additional space for other services.

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The friend remembered how Solomon Safety had partnered with the underserved Jasper Highlands community in Tennessee a few years ago to put in place a fully-operational fire department with station and equipment. Re-telling that story to the Tchula Mayor and suggesting he reach out to the president of Solomon Safety was the catalyst for what is now a new fire station.

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“The community is thrilled and very proud of the new fire station. We went parking our fire trucks in a 100-year-old building to having a fully functional fire station. Because of this new building we will be upgrading our services as the new fire station will now also be home to a 24/7 ambulance service.” Mayor Vann

It didn’t take long for Mayor Vann to reach out to James Wessel and inquire at the possibility of Solomon Safety partnering with Tchula to build a fire station. 

“I had heard that Mr. Wessel was a Christian man who did business with integrity, and now that we have done business with him I now have first-hand knowledge that this is true.” Mayor General Vann

At the heart of Solomon Safety is the desire to serve communities by helping them have adequate fire protection services. So during the initial conversation, Mr. Wessel was already thinking through the process and options for making a new fire station a real possibility for Tchula.

It didn’t take long for the process to start nor for the whole project to be completed. The initial phone call was in September of 2019 and the new fire station, replacing a 100 year old building, went online in April of 2020.