Solomon Safety is a group of companies specializing in fire protection and emergency services. The foundation of the company is its personnel.


The founder and president is James Wessel. He has over 25 years in the fire industry, has founded numerous companies and led multiple acquisitions. He also serves as a firefighter/EMT and previous fire officer.


Collaborating with James, Billy, and Chief Crespo gives you the certainty of working under the rigorous standards of this industry, attached to commitment and accessibility that characterizes the Firefighters with that love and vocation of service and delivery.

Carlos Riego, Presidente, Industrial Fire Products, Puerto Rico


Billy Claunch is a Sales and Marketing executive with a diverse background in systems and information management. He has over 20 years of fire industry experience.


And specifically for the Melia project Solomon Safety has enlisted Chief Angel Crespo the former Fire Chief of Puerto Rico. Internationally known for his knowledge of fire operations, fire prevention, and training.