Private Fire & Emergency Services: The Key to Safety in Commercial and Industrial Centers

Warehouse Distribution Center or Industrial Park?  Manufacturing Campus or Complex?

Solomon Safety Provides the Answer for Private Fire & Emergency Services

At times, major warehouse distribution centers, industrial parks, and/or manufacturing operations covering a large physical campus or complex, are relatively far removed from an urban area or municipality.  For any number of commercial reasons, these may be adjacent to a major interstate or state highway but not near a city center.  Additionally, this could be a new industrial development in a historically rural area that is geographically removed and does not have nearby established conventional municipal services and infrastructure.  

Being critical to employee health and safety as well as potential liability protection relevant to insurance requirements, one of these key municipal services is timely and proper response to a potentially catastrophic fire, an emergency medical call, or perhaps even a hazardous materials release incident.  This is beyond having a fixed fire protection or sprinkler system and includes the mobile resources (firefighters and fire trucks) to compensate for an event that may even damage fixed suppression resources.   

To address this need and potential gap with local municipal services, Solomon Safety provides a turnkey solution with contracted private firefighter and paramedic staffing, equipment and vehicles, and even a station to provide prompt response with qualified personnel and resources in an expedient manner.  This dedicates a proper fire and emergency response team on site without all the capital investment required and additional challenges with on-going staffing, training, continuous procurement, etc.  Further, this can offset any potential local fire services that may not be able to respond in a timely manner or with the required fire apparatus due to the location of the nearest fire department.

Multiple benefits accrue to the business; however, first and foremost is the welfare of all associates employed at the site.  Plus, Solomon Safety provides the same peace of mind to render expedient fire and emergency response to protect building assets, potential machinery, and product inventory – all which are vitally important to continued commercial operations.  With customers counting more and more on uninterrupted supply chains, this is all part of sound risk management and a sustainable enterprise in today’s global economy.  

With years of fire service experience; well-qualified personnel; and comprehensive access to fire apparatus, rescue vehicles, and even ambulances, Solomon Safety can readily establish a private fire and EMS department at your site location today. 

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